1. MSc Safety Health & Environmental Management.
2. Bsc Environmental Science in Pollution Science.
3. ISO 14001 SAZ Committe member.
4. Lead Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ISO45001) Auditing Certificate.
5. Lead Environmental Management System (ISO14001) Auditing Certificate.
6. Lead Quality Management System (ISO9001) Auditing Certificate.
7. Waste Management Certificate.


1. 1 year as Eskom Group Capital Division OHSAS 18001:2007 Project Manager.
2. 2 years as Fulltime SHEQ Management Systems Auditor for SAZ and 9 years as a Part Time Auditor for SAZ.
3. 3 years Part Time Lecturer at Environmental Science at Bindura University Science Education.
4. 6 years as Part Time SHEQ Trainer at SAZ and NSSA.
5. 1 year as Part Time Trainer at Botswana Bureau of Standards.
6. 7 SHEQ Lead Consultant at SHEMS Consultancy.
7. 2 years as SHEQ Officer at CAFCA Limited.
8. 8 years as SAZ approved SHE legal compliance auditor.
9. 8 years as SHEQ Auditor Assessor for SAZ.
10. 2 Months as International Trade Centre National OHSAS 18001 Consultant for Zimbabwe.