SHEMS Consultancy is the Safety, Health, Food Safety, Environment & Quality management consulting firm. Our organization’s core business is to provide Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Solutions to the business world. The organization supports industry in Safety, Health, Environmental, Food Safety and Quality Management Systems development and implementation. The organization was accepted as a service provider for environmental monitoring and measurements by the Environmental Management Agency. t is the organization with the latest digital air emissions, heat stress and noise, light and particulate matter and other occupational hygiene monitoring equipment which can indicate the results on the spot. The organization is made up of several competent safety, health, environmental, food safety, and quality practitioners. We deliver well documented user friendly safety, health, food safety, environmental and quality reports that comply with all applicable national and international standards and laws.

Business Scope

1. To carry out Consultancy and training in Environmental, Food Safety, Occupational Health & Safety and Quality Management Systems and all facets of Food Safety, Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental & Quality Management.
2. Distribute, export, import, hold, sell, own environmental, health and safety products or deal together with all or any other trade or business usually carried out in connection therewith.
3. To conduct Safety, health and environmental monitoring and measurements.

Vision Statement

To be the best partners in the promotion of environmental, food safety, occupational health and safety, quality management systems development, implementation, maintenance and continual improvement.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to maintain and improve safety, health and sustainable development for the betterment of everyone. Our overriding objective is to generate an acceptable return for the customers and shareholders and building a good name for SHEMS Consultancy and increase profitability in each subsequent year. In our endeavour to realise our mission, our operations are guided by the following business principles.

Business Principles

Above all we can not spell the word success without the help of our valued customers.
1. Expertise
2. Efficiency
3. Commitment
4. Honesty
5. Customer satisfaction
6. Confidentiality
7. Continual improvement

Marketing Strategy & Philosophy

It is the role of every member of the company to satisfy the customer requirements by building laden relationship with our customers. The management cannot achieve this goal by itself, therefore, it integrates and coordinates with all employees to create and deliver superior customer value. Management sees marketing as a philosophy that is responsible for identifying our customer’s needs and satisfying them. Achieving organizational goals depends on the needs and wants of target customers and delivering the desired satisfaction more effectively than what our competitors do. The starting point is to focus on customer needs, and our organization achieves this through integrated marketing and a process approach coupled with a risk based thinking to satisfy customer needs.

Organizational Chart